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Books Attack of the Mile High Squirrel

Very excited that the novel I started a year and a half ago is coming out soon. And by soon I mean March, 2019. I thought it would be a lot sooner but the time I dedicated to writing was less than it needed to be. Anyway it is now safe for you to start getting excited.

Here is an early draft of the book cover. Designed by Josh Jones, see more of his awesome work at http://www.jonezjonez.com/

Most of writing as it turns out, is editing. I found a great editor through Upwork.com, and he not only went through the novel and corrected a majority of the grammar/language problems but offered story advice, too. Here is his website: http://www.haikueditorial.com/

I can email you when the book is published. Enter your email below to get added to the *official* email list:


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