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Blog How to save a web page as a PDF

…and keep all formatting intact

Have you ever had the problem where save a web page to your desktop but when opened it looks nothing like the online version? When you save a PDF out of chrome, it formats it to a printer friendly version. I find this infuriating, as the formatting I originally saw it in is can be important.

Handy to print, but looks nothing like the original

I have used a full-page image capture plugin before, but the limitations of this file format are many: the file size, the text is rasterized, and it loses quality when zooming in.

After long last, I’ve come across a Chrome extension that does exactly what I want. Check out PDF Mage (http://www.pdfmage.org/)

PDF Mage will let you output a full screen recreation in PDF format

If you click on the icon in your browser window you can change the options to create multiple printer-friendly pages or one giant sheet. I prefer the giant sheet so it can be scrolled through like the original full-screen website it was designed to be.

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