Squirrel Candle

Squirrel Candle
  1. Here is the record of every candle pour in the Squirrel Candle production run. ¬†The record helps in ongoing quality control of the product ūüėÄ

Mold: Mark I

Pour: Apollo I (M1A1)

10 cups dry-measured shredded soy wax pillar blend

.5 oz carmal dye

.5 oz maple fragrance

Mixed @ 180 degrees

Pour @ 160 degrees

Cooled 6 hours:

Result: head came off when removed from mold, wax warm and not hardenned inside, bubbles, white layering on surface

Apollo II

Mold unstable, wax leak

Apollo III

Added 4 oz steric acid (dry measured) to recipe

Mix @ 175-180

Pour @ 160,

Heated mold with heat gun to the point of smoldering wick

Tapped sides no bubbles

Apollo IV

Same recipe

Remove from mold after 11.5 hours – still warm, wait longer to remove

Apollo V

Used mostly parafin wax in this pour, as a result candle is a brighter sheen and feels more rigid.  Upon cooling, large sinkhole appeared at top of pour (expected).  A second topping pour required to fill.

Apollo VI

Back to soy pillar blend wax

.5 oz red tint

.5 oz strawberry fragrance

parafin pillar wax

Result: extremely bright and extremely fragrant Рremedies?  This is parafin, it only requires 50% of dye that soy does.  Still, I would use less than .25 oz dye on the soy candles

Apollo VII

.25 oz fuschia dye

.25 oz grapefruit fragrance

Soy pillar wax blend

Result: extremely bright, subtle fragrance

Apollo VIII

~.15 oz fuschia dye + leftover from Apollo VII

.25 oz grapefruit fragrance

Apollo IX

~.11 oz fuschia dye + leftover – lighter pink shade…. need to more accurately measure the amount that goes in

no additional fragrance added

Apollo X

1ml Coral Reef

1/4-1/3 oz Peach fragrance

Result: almost white color

Apollo XI-a:

Used remaining Coral Reef

Broken ear after pour

Apollo XI-b (repour):

Broken foot after pour, color is bolder than AX.  Removing from mold too soon.

Moving forward, a topping pour has been required.  This new blend from candlescience.com settles more that the ecosoya blend from amazon.

Apollo XII:

1/3 oz Black Sea fragrance

.25 oz Black dye

Apollo XIII:

1/3 oz Black Sea fragrance

1/8 oz Black dye

Apollo XIV:

1/3 oz Black Sea fragrance

1/8 oz Black dye

No Steric acid